Daily Market Review
"No Student Left Behind!"

After completing the course materials many students demanded more! ... Hence, The DMR was born!

The Daily Market Review (DMR) gives the BTMM graduate a chance to put into action the concepts taught in the 4 day class.  With guided
interaction, questions and technical sessions the student can become more comfortable identifying key setups and areas on the chart where
the dealers will intervene in the market.  Each day during the week an instructor will guide the students through their respective module,
the student should come away with a deeper understanding of the setup and why it was or was not a viable trade option.



Steve takes an in depth look at the lessons that the class is built upon. Student will be
assigned homework, chart markups and live trading drills to sharpen your trade recognition
skills. Pop quizzes and recent chart studies are also introduced.


Jim's Away From Peak.  Jim will discuss peak formations and directional bias based on Market
Maker movements. How to identify true market direction. Retail trend vs. dealer trend and proper
handling of the market makers cycle. Jim instructs how to setup the WSM viewer and use it to
master your trading skills.


Joe's High speed trade room. Joe will cover an array of setups that occurred over the past
week in "HIGH SPEED".  He will show proper entry, stop loss placement and trade management.
Trade management levels will vary from fixed take profit to using opposite signal exit or session
changeovers. This should help the trader develop patience and confidence in their trading.


Kars Korner: Kar will cover Level counts, Dealer cycles of the 6 majors currency pairs, plus
a few popular cross pairs. He will demonstrate how to use Harmonic patterns as a level
determining tool and proper entry. He will also take questions and wrap up the trading week.

Bonus Sessions

Kar will scan the markets for possible trade selections prior to the London session,
Thursday and Friday mornings at 2:30am EST

Jim will scan the market for possible trade selections prior to the New York session,
Tuesday and Wednesday morning @ 7:45am EST


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Please note that the DMR Subscription is only available to graduates of Steve Mauro's Beat The Market Maker training course.